Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Do You Know?': A Poem for our Little One in China

On the eve of my birthday, I would like to share a poem I wrote for our 'little one in China' a few weeks ago.  It's an adaptation of a poem I wrote between God and me when I was ministering in the Netherlands.  I shared it last week at our Talent Show fundraiser (which went great and the support we received was so encouraging!) and want to share it on this blog in honor of the little one waiting for us...

'Do You Know?'
A Poem for Our Little One in China
Do you know that we are here?
Do you know that you needn't fear?
Do you know that God hears what we pray?
Do you know that you are His molded clay?
Do you know the beauty He sees in your eyes?
Do you know it shines through your laughs and your cries?
Do you know we ask God to hold you in His hand?
Do you know He is the God who knows each grain of sand?
Do you know how much your life is worth to your family?
Do you know our desire is for you to see?
Do you know that we are waiting for you?
Do you know that God's love will come through?

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