Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Beautiful Yes and An Opportunity to Help!

Dear Friends,

We are so pleased to share with you the wonderful news that we have accepted the referral of a 15 month old boy from China!  It is an amazing moment to look at a picture of the little boy who will become our son!  We truly sit in humble gratitude for this moment.  (We will be able to share more details and pictures once our travel date is closer and we have our official 'Letter of Acceptance from China).

On September 6, we had a conference call with our agency to make us eligible to receive a referral and at the end of the call, our China caseworker told us about a little boy on the waiting list and asked us if we would be interested in researching more about his specific medical need and then to let her know if we would be interested in accepting this referral.  Accepting a referral means that this child would become our son once the months of immigration paperwork are completed.  We would then travel to China to bring him into our family!  After researching his specific need, praying in the wee hours of morning, reading Jesus' prayer for us in John 17, and consulting with our International Adoption Specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, it became clear that we would be answering our caseworker with a beautiful 'yes!' and this is what we officially did on September 13.  It is hard to see him and know he is waiting in an orphanage, but I keep reminding myself that God is the 'God who sees', the 'God who hears', and the God who is present with this precious child.

While we are so grateful to have received a referral so quickly, this means that we owe $6750 to our agency as soon as possible to cover agency fees and post-placement fees.  We were not expecting to owe this money this quickly.  We have recently received a generous grant from 'Show Hope' to cover some later China fees, but we do not have access to this grant until we are closer to traveling (which probably won't be until around March).  Would you prayerfully consider giving towards this immediate need of $6750 that we currently have?  Altogether, we still need to raise around $20,000 to cover the rest of our expenses, but our biggest need is this current $6750 amount.  If you are able to give at this time, please contact either Ricky or myself at: or

Thank you for considering this need and thank you for all who have journeyed with us, prayed with us, and supported us already!  We are so thankful.  Please continue to pray for us and for our little boy, especially that all would come together as quickly as possible so we can get to our little boy.
In His grace,
Michelle (for the rest of the Simpsons!:)

"I made known to them Your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which You have loved Me may be in them, and I in them."  (John 17:26)